Oakland University board approves tuition hike for upper ROCHESTER >> Oakland University students will see an average tuition hike of 3.17 percent following approval of a new budget at Tuesday Oakland University Board of Trustees meeting.The increase outlines a 6 percent rate hike for upper division or junior and senior undergraduates with more than 56 credit hours earned and an average 3.2 percent increase for in state graduate students. Lower division undergraduate students those with fewer than 56 credit hours earned moncler jacket remain unaffected.



The overall increase lays out an average $11.75 per credit hour hike in tuition and takes effect in 2015. It also fits under the state cap on tuitions hikes, allowing the school to receive state incentive funding.

While the board approved the rate hike unanimously and its $234 million general fund budget, it wasn without some debate of the strategy efficacy in the coming years.Oakland University rests below the state average for per fiscal year moncler t shirt equated student expenditure at $14,279. The average across the state 15 public universities is $18,738 per student.